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Articles de Journaux et témoignage de clients
  • "France Vanier dans une classe à part, clinicienne certifiée d'Alfred"

May 2008
Le droit, Ottawa

  • "France Vanier, la canadienne qui murmure à l'oreille des chevaux"

April 2008
L'indépendant, France

  • "France Vanier: une passion pour les chevaux"

Farnel Fleurant, Journaliste
Le Reflet de Prescott-Russell
October 2003

  • "France really knows how to build the communication between horse and rider. Her techniques are an eye opener!"


  • "Thank you for what you given me at the clinic."
  • "France addressed our concerns, inspired confidence."


  • "France was very positive and encouraging in her approach. I thoroughly enjoyed the clinic."


  • "Of the 3 colts that I started, this one was the calmest and the most in control. The vet couldn't get over the positive changes in my horse's behavior."


  • "I now look forward to riding my mare."


  • "You gave me the tools to deal with my mare's stall manners."


Un gros merci a tous nos commanditaires:
" Dépaneur Rozon", "Circle R Saddlery", "Dépanneur d'Alfred", "Parisien Excavation",
and "Imprimerie Serge".
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