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John Lyons for Fleenor Gate Round Pens
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Round Pen


Available in 10 foot panels with 6 ft gate. 6 feet high for safety.

Also available in heavy 16 gage 2 in material (most popular) and medium 19 gauge 1 3/4in material. 5 bars with straight legs.

Both rust resistant, created by horseman with horses safety in mind. Quality, Durability, Resistant and looks great.

Horse training #1 tool in foundation work and much more!!

A must for all horse enthusiasts.

Call office for price.

NAET Reins

NAET Reins

Available in black, blue, gold 10 ft continuous reins with slobbers


Dressage Whip

This whip is used as a safe extension of your arm as a gentle motivator during ground work.

Nylon woven thread covered fiberglass shaft with soft vinyl handle, 39€ in length with a 6€ popper. Attractive flared mushroom cap.


Full Cheek Snaffle Bit

The bit is the most important line of communication to your horse. The Full Cheek Snaffle bit is one of the mildest bits and promotes more direct head control by design.


The Lariat is an essential piece of equipment in the round pen. John uses a lariat to get movement and keep the horse moving. It is also a useful tool to desensitize the horse to ropes around his body or legs...

Working Bridle

NAET Working Bridle

Designed for colt starting, made of resistant leather, all re enforced with latigo leather for more strength. A trainers #1 tool when starting colts, adjustable and great looking.

NAET Flag stick

NEAT Flag Stick

For desensitizing and spook-proofing your horse.

NAET Rope Stick

NEAT Rope Stick

For desensitizing the horse while staying safe.

Trail Rope Halter

Natural Horseman Trail Rope Halter

Nose Rope Halter

Braided Nose Rope Halter

Comes in two tones.  Applies even pressure on bridge of nose.

Kanga rope Halter

Kanga 4-Knot Rope Halter

Applies specific pressure on parts nose of horse.

Lead line with snap
(click to enlarge)

Lead line with snap

lead line without snap
(click to enlarge)

Lead line without snap

20ft lead wth spring snap tie
(click to enlarge)

20 ft lead with spring snap tie

20ft lead with twist snap
(click to enlarge)

20 ft lead with twist snap

(click to enlarge)

WON PAD Available in 30X 30 and 30X32

Croocked Stirrups
(click to enlarge)

Crooked Stirrups

JB No Chew
(click to enlarge)

JB no chew - Stop that horse from chewing your stalls and fences.

Smart Cart
(click to enlarge)

Smart Cart - Available in two sizes for all your barn chores and more

Tie Clip
(click to enlarge)

Tie Clip - To teach your horse to tie safely

John Lyons' Troubleshooting! originated as a popular series in Horse & Rider Magazine, running from 1993 to 1997. These timeless articles have been repackaged into a comprehensive "How To" book.

(Special *** one left in stock)

Josh Lyons - Foal Handling

Build a positive foundation in your young horse for life!

Josh Lyons brings you cutting edge instruction that will help you discover the joys of training your young horse. He explains and demonstrates in an easy and safe manner.


Josh Lyons - Teaching Tricks

Having fun with your horse just got more exciting!!

Second in this Teaching Series, Josh Lyons gives step by step instructions to teach fun tricks to your horse in a safe manner.


Josh Lyons - Spins & Shoulder Control

Want more from your horse?

Josh takes the mystery out of spins and shoulder control by offering you the steps necessary to make your spins come together. Perfect for fun, or the more serious show person.

As a set of three and as a set of five.


Josh Lyons - Leads & Lead Changes

Changing leads is easier than you think.

Josh takes you from improving lightness with the bridle to flying lead changes. There is no limit on how you and your horse can improve and learn together!


Josh Lyons - Sliding Stops & Rollbacks

Wow - now you're ready for action!

Josh knows how to teach and he knows how to have fun. With your and your horse's safety in mind, here are the performance basics for sliding stops and rollbacks.


Controlling Your Horse's Speed

Lack of control is simply...lack of control. Total control is the single most important aspect of training. The bridge between lack of control to total control is simply teaching cues to get your horse to perform whether he wants to or not....

(LIQUIDATION SALE, few left in stock) 

My Horse Pulls Back

Problems are opportunities to do something good. Your horse, at any age, can learn to stand tied -- safely. The information contained in "My Horse Pulls Back" DVD is concise and easy to understand, for novice or advanced equestrians.

(LIQUIDATION SALE, few left in stock) 

NAET hoodies
(click to enlarge)

NAET hoodies available in grey, black, pink, blue and red s-m-l-xl

NEAT T-Shirt
(click to enlarge)

NAET t-shirts assorted colour and sizes

NAET Coffee Mug

NEAT Coffee mug

NAET Water Bottle

NEAT Water bottle


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